How do you attach a *.pdf file?


Can you attach a *.pdf file to a reply?



No, and yes.

You cannot attach a .PDF file directly in a post or reply to a post.

You can attach a .PDF file in a private message (PM) to someone. Then, and this may not be true for someone who is not a moderator, you can make that PM public, and , then, you can link that PM into a post. So, yes, you can put a .PDF in a post and a reply indirectly.

Btw, I sent you a .PDF in a PM.


If you cannot attach a *.pdf file to a message, this is a serious oversight/shortcoming. Many engineering files are *.pdf documents. Check with Ron.



You can attach a .PDF file to a message.

Did you get the one I sent to you?


Take a look at this thread:

I got the .PDF into the thread by following the 3rd paragraph of post 2 above.


You need to do it outside of a private message. One of the strengths that Eng-Tips had was being able to download info in *.pdf files.



Yes, that would be more convenient, but this software doesn’t allow it, or I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. I think the open source committee who manages the software does it this way to discourage violating copyright laws. I stumbled across the “work around” I described above to try to attain some level of convenience. On ET the .pdf is copied to an external site and then linked into ET. We have discussed doing this, but haven’t looked into it yet. I’ll flag @Doug and let him see this.


Or any other arbitrary file type that’s not an image.


This option is available in a private message. So, if you ask, or someone asks you, for a document, it is very easy. And, this gives you control over who gets your document, for whatever reason you may have.


Can you make the private message ‘visible’ to all? I really dislike people looking after my best interests.



Read this


Can you add a ‘button’ that makes the PM post, global? One of the features of an engineering website is to make information globally available. Not being able to do so is a major issue, IMHO.



Do you mean like the “Make Public Topic” option when you click the little wrench beside one of your private messages? See below:


The global button should not require the private message be sent in the first place, unless I’m misunderstanding. The option should be available with the first transmission.



That’s what I thought… you should fix if possible.



If it’s possible with a kludgey work around then it’s supported, just needlessly complex.

Should be fixed.


I feel the same as dic on this.


Uhh, maybe you could get to host file sharing… [facesmack]


Uhh, no, but, good one. :rofl:


@Latexman can you modify the list of “authorized extensions” to add .pdf?