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How are you doing as far as being able to load other files, like, *.pdf, *.dwg, *.xls, etc?



Thanks for asking @dik. Doug’s basement flooded, the electric panel blew, all his appliances blew, and his insurance is playing hard to get. That and trying to keep his day job, we are behind where we’d like to be on these issues. Sorry. Loading these files (and you mentioned .sm files in another thread) is a high priority for us, but right now “the cow is in the ditch”, if you know that old story.


If you need a forensic report, Ron @Ron would likely be great.:rofl:



Never heard the expression.



The old farmer was in church every Sunday without fail. Rain, snow, fog, sunny; it didn’t matter. One Sunday he missed. After the service the preacher rushed to his farm, where he helped the farmer get his prize milk cow out of the ditch. While talking to the preacher unapologetically he said this was the first time he had an immediate and worthy enough reason to miss church.


Thanks… I’ve led a sheltered existance…



@dik…thanks!..I think…:smile:


Not one for chasing ambulances, but, you may be able to offer some advice.



@dik…we can now upload PDF files directly. Just select upload in the post menu (the one with the UP arrow :grinning:) and select the file.


Nice to know we can all get LOADED up at this site now!

Thanks Ron.


Thanks very much… how about excel and SMath?



Doug is working on those. We’ll know shortly.

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Test run…

Section_Properties.pdf (245.8 KB)

Have to fix my axis… add an x’ and y’ axis. Updated…Properties shown are for the horizontal and vertical axis.[Fixed]

Great addition, guys… makes the site a whole lot more useful.

Even editing and replacing a file works. I’m happier than a pig in poop…



Dik, we’re noodling over adding .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsm for Excel and .sm for your Smath. Does those three extensions for Excel cover it good enough?

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Look good… also, maybe *.dwg, *.doc, and more will likely be added to the list. Keep up the great work.



How about .dgn?


I don’t use it, but, sure… lots of people do, and others will likely have other selections.



You may want to use a tag for ‘Programs’ or something to identify design programs. The site could be a repository for engineering programs that others can share.



Testing Excel upload:

2018 Vacation Tracker.xlsx (17.6 KB)


Testing Word upload:

What every Chemical Engineer needs to know.docx (14.7 KB)