10 Steps to Create a Poll

Here’s a quick guide to creating a poll on SimpliEngineering.

  1. Start new topic.

  2. Click on the gear icon in the new post window.

  3. Click Build Poll

  4. Type: Select the type of poll you’d like to post:
    4a. A Single Choice poll means the voters get to choose one of the options you provide and cast their vote
    4b. A Number Rating poll means you post a question and generally the voters get to select a number on a scale to the response, (ie. on a scale of 1 to 10; How much do you like ice cream?)

    • Another thing you could use this for is if you have a question directly related to numbers and you could get votes based on that for your answers to the poll.
    • One more thing to note is the Step option. This determines the options magnitude. For instance: on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 step would mean you can select all 10 integers from 1 to 10. 2 step would mean you could only select every other number so it would be 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 if you have 10 as your maximum.

    4c. A Multiple Choice poll means the voters get to select more than one choice from the options you provide. You can select the minimum and maximum number of votes each voter must cast before they can submit their answers.

  5. Results: Select when and to whom the results of the poll will be visible to.
    5a. Always Visible means, well, they are always visible no matter who is looking at it and whether or not they’ve voted themselves.
    5b. On Vote means no one can see the results until they have voted themselves.
    5c. When Closed means the results will only be made visible once the original poster closes the poll to new votes.
    5d. For moderators: Staff Only would mean only other moderators or admin could see the results no matter what and the general users would not be able to see them.

  6. Allowed Groups: Select what type of users are able to answer the poll. This would be if you wanted only old timers or perhaps newcomers to the site for their opinions. There are the various trust level and user types to choose from here and you can make multiple selections here. Note: To just make it available to everyone, make no selection here.

  7. Chart Type (only for single choice and multiple choice polls): You can select how you want the results of your poll to be displayed.
    7a. Bar Graph makes a horizontal bar graph to compare the answers along with the number of votes for each.
    7b. Pie Chart creates a pie chart with each answer represented as a “slice of the pie”.

  8. Poll Option Field: This is where you put your options to be voted on. Each “line” is a new option in your poll. So to end one option, press enter on your keyboard to start the next option. You will begin to see the poll build on the right side of the window so you’ll have a preview of how they will be presented.

  9. Show Who voted: check this box if you want yourself and others to see which users voted for what options.

  10. Automatically Close Poll: You can select a time for when the poll will automatically close to new votes. Otherwise, you would need to close it manually in the thread with the orange Close button under the voter count. (tip: you can re-open closed polls if you want additional voting)

  11. Click Insert Poll

I hope this was useful in illustrating the various polling options, and best of all, you can let me know right here:

  • That was useful, thanks.
  • I don’t like it (See my complaint below)
  • Too long winded, give me a 2 step guide

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Wow!!! Thanks!!!

How come there’s a vote “I don’t like it” without a complaint?
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