2019 National Society of Professional Engineers in Colorado Awards Ceremony

The state society of NSPE is diligently working to host its annual award ceremony. We recognize young engineers, women in engineering, engineering managers, projects, project managers, etc.

The venue is Applewood Golf Course, Golden, CO. The date is October 24, 2019.

If you have a Professional Engineer, EIT, or a project you would like to nominate, please do so here: NSPE-CO Awards Ceremony

We still have two sponsorships available at the Platinum and Gold. One Silver level. We have 16 Bronze sponsorships available and an unlimited number of business card. You can sponsor and register for the event from the same webpage above.

Most of all, we hope to see you there. It’s a very well done event. It’s good to see fellow engineers and hear what they’re doing.

NSPE-CO is working to provide more services to engineers in Colorado and to recognize what outstanding efforts in the profession. We need your participation to make this a success and to grow this event and others.

Thank you!

Thanks for posting, Pam. Let us know how it goes. Florida has one every year. Good luck with it!

Well I don’t actually know engineers in Colorado, but I do know people in CO that have many interesting projects. However, they use the DIY principle: https://www.otherpower.com/otherpower_aboutus so there aren’t many engineers involved.

Another case where my personal belief that trades and engineering should be more closely linked…
…but that’s another battle.

Thanks, SparWeb! I think trades and engineering should be more closely linked, too.

We’re really pushing for attendees now. We’ve closed nominations and others are evaluating them to select the winners. It’s a nicely done event so I hope those interested get tickets now.

Ron, I’m glad Florida has one, too. We should compare notes sometimes on how yours is done.