2021 Darwin Award Winners

IMHO, a 2021 Darwin Award should go to . . . the age-qualified, COVID-19 unvaccinated, unless they have had:

  • Severe allergic reaction after a previous dose or to a component in the vaccine.
  • Immediate allergic reaction of any severity to a previous dose or known allergy to a component of the vaccine.

It just boggles my mind why people won’t get vaccinated for themselves, their family, their friends, their co-workers, their neighbors, their customers and the world.

Is it simply a power struggle they can win? Is it some kind of fear? I have a hard time understanding it.

What say you? Or is there a better candidate out there for a 2021 Darwin Award?

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There seems to be something baked into the way a lot of people evaluate risk which makes them rank “harm caused by something I did” ahead of “harm I could have prevented, but didn’t”. Nowhere is this bias more clearly evident than in attitudes to vaccination.

That’s before you add in the strange things people add into the equation. I saw a slot on the TV news last night - some punter on the street claiming that taking the vaccine would allow “them” to tell how much money he’d got in the bank. He could just have been saying it to wind the interviewer up - but if so, it was a really good act. Some people will believe anything.

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My wife is unable to get the Vaccine due to her Disease. She has Addison’s which in itself is a death sentence. Getting the vaccine could kill her as easily as the Disease will eventually. her doctor’s recommendation is not to get it because her immunity is already compromised and the vaccine would test it in a way that would probably kill her. So it falls on me to take the same precautions as she does, even though I am vaccinated. Because if I bring it home to her it would be my fault she got it. I cannot live with that on my conscience.

So I disagree, she should not be part of the 2021 Darwin Awards for the unvaccinated.

I also agree that everyone should be able to make their own choices as to whether to get it or not. That’s everyone’s free right to make their own choices and if those that don’t want to get it (outside of diseases preventing certain people) then that’s their choice and if it kills them in the process then there is nothing you or I can do about it. Is it sad yes… but we also have no clue what this vaccine will do to us in the coming years.

The problem I have about all this Vaccine stuff is the fact that Biden and his group of nitwits want to take away our right to choose and make this mandatory. If that happens he will have killed my wife if the vaccine affects her like that doctors have said it will. If that happens I might be headline news.

At first it seems the vaccine is the wise choice, but we don’t know yet. There are people who have become very ill for getting the vaccine. I was leary, because the seasonal flu shot would always make me sick. That said, the years I did not get the flu vaccine, I did not get sick.
It is a personal decision, just like not going to places full of people who could be carriers.

That all said, if you have to give your personal information to medical people, they could use it to look up your back account. Given that the government already has that information, they can already look up your bank account.

Have no fear the government is here to save you.


Governments fear that emergency rooms could be swamped with COVID-19 patients. At some point, they will have to do triage. They don’t want to do that.

If a large enough group of people are inoculated, everyone else is safe, including people who are allergic to the vaccine, or who otherwise, cannot take it.

I am outside the USA, where medical care is heavily subsidised by taxpayers. They need to manage the risk.

My son was recently diagnosed with Churg-Strauss syndrone, a.k.a.eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis (EGPA). It is a rare auto-immune disorder within the general vasculitis spectrum. Vasculitis causes inflammation and damage to blood vessels.

He’s had it since birth. We know this now because this finally explains, after 21 years, why he had been diagnosed with asthma, allergies, and weakened pulmonary system growing up, but no medication, no treatment, and no therapy ever touched it. Nothing worked. Now we know. Some of the fine blood vessels in his lungs had vasculitis, so he was always running << 100% efficiency with his lungs.

Being an auto-immune disorder, his immune system is compromised also, but his rheumatologist was emphatic he get the vaccine, and he did, the Moderna. No issues except arm pain for about 1 day after each shot. The reasoning his Dr. gave was COVID, to our son with an auto-immune disorder and compromised immune system, was a much higher risk than the vaccine.

Odd how its the opposite to your wife’s experience. So far, my son was vaccinated in March/April 2021, things have worked out very well for him. I don’t understand why the difference in your wife’s case and my sons. Maybe it’s his below normal lung function. I guess that’s why we listen to our own doctors.

Agreed, no Darwin Award for her.

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As an open question:

How does this vaccine differ from other vaccines which are compulsory and required currently (in the US) - such as for measles, polio, etc.? Why is this vaccine a matter of personal choice while other vaccines are required as a matter of public health for the population?

Although, most of the longer term vaccines are good for us, in general, I still don’t support them being a requirement. Then again I don’t support the public schools for the same reason.
I do agree schools are a good thing, but not subject to large government interjection of requirements.

We really don’t have much freedom if we are required to do anything.

Technically they are not required unless your child attends school. Though I disagreed with my sister she optioned out of giving my twin nieces their vaccines as babies. Of course, she fought it for years while they were attending school, but in the end, she gave in when they were older and they received those vaccines.

When you’ve had any of those happen in your medical history you’ve already been put on notice of the possibility happening again. I’ve had some allergic reactions to certain medications, so I was very careful about getting this vaccine. But I’m now living with a somewhat compromised immune system due to an unrelated medical condition, so I’m skeptical all over again with respect to the booster shots they’re starting to talk about.

I don’t get the annual flu shots for the above reasons.


Understood. My youngest son is allergic to cat dander, but, unlike most of his 4 siblings, he has never shown any allergic reaction to any medications. So, we were not overly concerned with him on the possibility of an allergic reaction to the Moderna vaccine. When I asked him how it was, he shrugged it off and said, “easy peasy”.

As far as I know, I am only allergic to Celebrex (celecoxib). When I told my nurse that, she said “there’s no Celebrex in the vaccine, so roll up your sleeve and come here.”