2022 Mid-term Elections

Is anyone surprised by the U.S. elections yesterday?

I was surprised that the “red wave” the media kept telling us about never really materialized.

I wasn’t surprised, but did re-learn in several races, that good character is not required to be a politician.

In order to have a winning strategy, one must, at times, make a deal with the devil.
But the quality of people running seems to be going down, in both parties.
BTY, I also noticed that when I voted to local, that several positions were unopposed.

No accusations of voter fraud. (Between the lines; The Republicans are winning!)
Looking ahead to 2024; Trump Republicans versus DeSantos Republicans in the presidential race or DeSantos as Vice?

I grew up in a jurisdiction (Outside the US) where there was a mostly two party system.
Pretty far right and pretty far left. (To this day the only car insurance allowed is government insurance)
The power swung back and forth.
Things were never nearly as good as the winners thought that they would be.
Things were never nearly as bad as the losers thought that they would be.
But it is what it is.
“And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.”

not sure what to think, but some results are surprising.
rank choice voting sucks, really sucks.
As aside, %age wise, more people voted for 1 of 2 republicans than the lone democrat in AK lone congress seat. Yet, the democrat will earn the seat. Republicans need to have only 1 candidate as splitting the vote hurts. Sort of knew this going into the election . . .
Regardless, both Trump & Biden ought to & wisely should permanently fade away . . .
Yes, WaRoss, agree with your final statement.
Life goes on . . .

Surprisingly , the slow vote counting procedures outlined by Nevada’s constitution have come in focus, since control of the Senate hinges on Nevada’s, and 1-2 other states outcome. Just let them count! It’ll be near the end of the year before Georgia’s runoff results are known anyway. So, what’s the rush?

yes, agree . . . the drama will play itself out.

just think, 30-yrs ago, we would have already known the results & way less drama.

i corrected last word in my previous post; so silly of me.