A Nice Gesture By a Sponsor, or Feeding Two Pigeons With One Crust

My son plays minor hockey at the Bantam level, 13 and 14 year olds.
A sponsor wanted to support a team in the Western Hockey League in a city about 100 miles away.
The WHL is the highest level of amateur hockey here and is one step below professional hockey.
Rather than give a straight cash donation, the sponsor’s local branch bought game tickets for our entire team and coaches to a home game (at about 100 miles away).
A bus was arranged at no cost.
Parents were welcome to a free bus ride but had to buy their own tickets.
The participation by paying parents probably added 25% to the corporate donation.
I was impressed by the out of the box thinking behind this arrangement.
Supporting one team and encouraging a minor team with the same donation.
The only down side was that our team lost.
No excuses.
Just, the other team was a little faster and a little better.


It’s great to see something nice now and then…