ACI 318 Tie Requirement

QUESTION in ACI 318 states that:

“Ties shall be arranged such that every corner and alternate longitudinal bar shall have lateral support provided by the corner of a tie…”

I am designing a 24" square column with 4 - #8’s on each face. These bars are less than 6" from each other, so no ties would be required for that provision. However, since I have an even number of bar on each face, “every other bar” is different depending on if I measure from the right side or left side of the column face. My question is, would I need to enclose the two interior bars on each face with a tie, even though they are adjacent within 6" to a tie corner?

See attached detail:



As long as you provide a tie on at least 1 of the 2 interior bars, every other bar is still tied.

Above is a snippet.