Activate Office 365 for a Single User License

I’ve a iMac & MacBook Pro and each computer has their own single user license for Word, Excel, PP, and OneNote. Previously, each computer had activated licenses and no problems existed.

on the MBP, suddenly i get this message (see below) about activating office 365, which i do not want nor need as i paid for the single user license.

Searching MS only tells me how to activate the office 365 license, not the single use license, which was already previously established.

  1. what caused the license to not be activated for the MBP? A recent update? The iMac had a MS update earlier this week and still no issues with the license. I do not want this to occur again. Fyi, i did use this MPB while in Thailand and had no issues. I seldom use this MPB and recall seeing this issue about 3-months ago after an update was installed, but dismissed it until now.

  2. what is needed to get the single user license activated for the MBP? i can easily reinstall if necessary.


well, i proceeded to activate the license and all i had to do was log into my email account. all ms products licenses are activated.
my “thoughts” were that my only choice was the monthly subscription type license based on the “activate office 365” message.
why the message was displayed to begin with is not known. i suspect that the MBP was used several times w/out internet access; hence, the message to activate or re-activate the licenses.