Adhesive for Polypropylene

I am looking for a durable weather resistant glue to use on corrugated polypropylene, anyone have some good recommendations? (More info below)

I would need a glue that can withstand lap-shear and t-peel forces. I would also prefer an easy application and quick set time as these are assembled by hand.

I have tested a few hot glues(recommendation does not need to be a hot-melt) and some work very well at room temperature but fail in cold and hot temperatures, many of my products are used in the shipping industry where they will be subject to temperature extremes.


This ‘low energy bonding’ white paper from 3M might be worth a read:

Innovations in Bonding to Low Surface Energy Surfaces:

When seeking to manufacture a plastic-based part, there are more options for attaching parts together than ever before. In the past Low Surface Energy (LSE) plastics, such as Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyethylenes (e.g. HDPE)) had to be mechanically attached or solvent welded since true adhesive bonding did not work well with these materials. Mechanical attachments (such as clips, screws, etc) can be used with virtually any surface but they require additional steps to mold or create features for the attachment, can lead to stress concentrations which may result in plastic cracking and premature failures, and often result in unsightly surfaces. Solvent welding has the disadvantage of relying on the use of hazardous and noxious solvents. In the past decade new adhesives and bonding tapes have been formulated which allow robust bonding of many of these low surface energy plastics. This allows manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits of using adhesives and bonding tapes including design flexibility, stress distribution, bond dissimilar materials, use lighter/thinner materials as well as clean final bond appearance…

Above is a snippet.