Aluminum Notes on General Structural Notes Sheet

I was curious to see if anyone would be willing to share an example of what they include on their General Structural Notes for Aluminum. This is my first structure that is being built with Aluminum so I do not have any kind of General notes. If you are not willing to share, then maybe just some ideas of what to include (or not include).


It has been a few years but I think I just went through the document requirements of the IBC (FBC in Florida):

  • Specify the minimum thickness of extruded aluminum members (something like 0.040 inches).
  • Specify maximum screen density.
  • Specify minimum spec for aluminum extrusions (6063-T6 alloy), spec of sheets and panels.
  • Spec 2024-T4 bolts or stainless with minimum fy=33ksi.
  • You might also restrict embedment of aluminum in concrete and the use of un-galvanized or non-stainless steel fasteners. I have seen these rot away where they were used to anchor an aluminum silo to a concrete pad.
  • Require that quality, fabrication, assembly, and erection comply with the Specifications for Aluminum Structures, Aluminum Design Manual, Part 1, or whatever applies these days in your area.

Above is a snippet.

@CharlieAlphaBravo, Thank you for this thoughtful reply.