An eMail from my Son

Bullpup shotgun one of Milo’s roomies built from a receiver and a kit…wish we had such nice toys north of the border.

Not much use to me, but neat nonetheless.


I thought you lived in Canuckistan. How come you aren’t red-in-the-face offended by this? :wink:

Not all Canadians… I used to think your Second Amendment was wonderful… but, Trump has shown it simply doesn’t work… I grew up with firearms and used to benchrest 0.3 minutes. One of my most accurate ‘out of the box’ rifles was an Ithica LSA 55 in .243 Win… shot 1/2 a minute. One of my favourite… used if for everything from crows and ruff grouse to moose (over half a dozen).

This was the rifle that introduced me to handloading… they used to say that it cut the cost of cartridges by 1/3… what they didn’t say was that you shot 4x more cartridges.


I should have added… neither is my son… I raised him right.