An interesting project. A BIG treadmill

More sharing than asking a question.
I have a project to modify a BIG treadmill for a horse trainer.
More and more trainers are using treadmills to exercise horses.
A local trainer has just acquired a horse treadmill that wasn’t quite suitable.
It used a 2 HP motor DOL.
The horses didn’t respond well to the abrupt start.
We brought the treadmill home yesterday.
We have a 2 HP VFD with single phase input.
I’m off shortly to pick up the new 2 HP motor and install it.
I’ll try to post some pictures.

Well we have the treadmill up and running.
The good news; we got the new motor.
The bad news; the VFD was shot.
The good news; the new VFD from Amazon arrived in a few days and works well.
The bad news; The treadmill must have been used for ponies.
The good news; We tried the treadmill with one horse and got him up to about 12 or 15 MPH.
He adapted well fairly quickly.
The bad news; For the horses that we want it for it is too narrow. The horse tends to cross his feet instead of running freely.
Also It is too short. The horse is too close to dropping his feet off of the back end.
The good news. We haven’t given up.
We are waiting for price estimates on stretching the treadmill longer and wider and on building a new treadmill from scratch, using the existing motor VFD and gear reducer.

The bad news… no drinks served to minors.
The good news… coal miners.

How long and how wide is the treadmill and can it be inclined?


Long; Presently 8; 4". Proposed 19’
Wide; Presently 32". Proposed 42"
Presently; Fixed incline. Proposed; Adjustable incline.
And my son is not a miner, he’s a cowboy.

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