And That's Why They're Winning

In North America, you’d have a tough time ‘pulling a permit’ in that time. You have to remove the quotation marks… else won’t let me post the URL.


Wow! I hope it’s quality construction.

If something happens… they’re close to a hospital…


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I’m not sure that will help. About 2012, I saw a bicycle hit by a car in Shanghai. The car kept going. The bicycle rider laid in the street, and none of the locals came to their aid. This was downtown Shanghai; it was very busy and crowded. I made a move to go help, but my company host stopped me and said it was best to not get involved, and we moved on. He was worried it was an attempt at insurance fraud.

Wow… would have never guessed.


I think it’s important to keep in mind that we have NOT seen the inside of the building.
Calling it a “hospital” may be euphemistic. Some views of the partial construction make me think it might be more like a dormitory, or a prison.
I’m not saying this to take anything away from the aggressive industriousness that built this. Nor can I say with any authority how effective, in the broader sense of their populous society, the benefit will be. It may be the perfect thing, even though utilitarian and stark, given the choices facing people in that city may be just as dark.

Whatever it is… they did it in 10 days… kudos to them…


It was an awesome marshalling of manpower, machinery, and materials. A construction and project management marvel. And, their heart was in the right place - giving aid to the sick. Worthy of an award of the highest level. Kudos!

The attached is a site I’ve been watching daily… unless there is a lack of data, the coronavirus seems to be levelling out.

Maybe extinction is deferred…

I thought the Chinese contained it wonderfully… I cannot imagine quarantining a number of people similar to the population of Canada… just scrolls the nerd.