Another new member here

Hello everybody!

Didn’t realise something was up for change at ET, so I registered here “just in case”…
Looking forward to having great conversations here as well…

Welcome aboard kingnero! It’s good to have you here.

JG2828 here reserving my handle “just in case” also.

I saw the discussion at ET about this site and decided to come on over. I would hate to lose the massive archive of advice at ET and I hope that doesn’t happen. But I’m glad the new powers-that-be created this new home for serious engineering.

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Thanks to @Latexman for getting the word out about SE :+1:t2:

I can always use a new platform to find out more things I don’t know about. :upside_down_face: and there’s no shortage of those things.

Welcome… and, I hope you enjoy yourself…


Moltenmetal here- the importance of this site as an alternative to Eng Tips seems to be increasing, if David’s post today at ET in the Round Table is an indication! Welcome all- hope we can re-build our community here!

It’ll take time… and welcome.


Should I start downloading/copying all the threads in “my archive” that I follow over at ET?

If David’s able to buy it back, I will remain there, but divide my time.

I didn’t know he sold it… any idea of when?



Thanks… didn’t know that a long time back. I noticed the change about a year ago.