Are These Geometrically The Same

One example uses parallelism and perpendicularity while the other uses profile. I’m sure they are inspected differently but are they geometrically the same thing?


At first glance: you cannot use BSC dimensions with parallelism and perpendicularity to control the size of the block. So your comparison question is somewhat moot.

The relationship between Datum A and the top face is not parallelism but is perpendicularity. So the control is not per Standard. From a drafting standpoint, the controls only apply in the view shown. So you should apply the control in the end view. You have taken a reasonable liberty in showing the “perpendicularity” relationship by identifying Datum in the front view. But I assume the block is “square” so other views maybe needed to confirm my assumption.

In the profile example, Datum B is included in the profile tolerance. Although technically possible, it is not good practice to have a feature related to itself.

Above is a snippet.