ARTeMIS Modal Software

Anybody care to comment on their experience using the ARTeMIS Operational Modal Analysis system? I’m considering it. Performance? Support? Any feedback would be helpful.


As far as I can see the ArtemiS of Head Acoustic doesn’t have anything to do with OMA (Operational Modal Analysis), whereas ARTeMIS from Structural Vibration Solutions is a dedicated OMA software package.

I’ve been using ARTeMIS for a couple of years by now and is quite satisfied with it. We perform measurements with a B&K PULSE system and do the analysis in ARTeMIS Extractor. In my opinion it is very user friendly, and the help files are very instructive. It is hard to find “text books” with practical hints about OMA but the help files actually bring you a long way.

Depending on which version you buy (Pro, Light…) you get a different number of analysis algorithms. In practice it is really instructive to be able to compare the same analysis results from different algorithms.

There are some algorithms included to detect and eliminate the effect of pure tone excitation eg. from rotating machinery. These are, in my experience not quite as “automatic” as one should hope. Always gather as much information about shaft velocities, gear meashes etc. as possible to support the analysis.

Above is a snippet.