Baby Yoda mascot for SE?

Does anyone have an issue making “Baby Yoda” the unofficial mascot of SimpliEngineering? :)


Are we going to need to guard it against Eng-Tip’s pranksters leading up to the homecoming game?

A mascot for SE seems unnecessary. Why would we want one?


If we DID have one, surely we could find someting better. Signed: Not Much Of
A SW Fan.

Excellent. I got a “Yes”, a “maybe” and a “not sure”. :)

I think you are being overly optimistic in your understanding of the response. I would suggest two nos, and a not such a good idea. I don’t think the site needs gimmicks. This would be another no, but you could consider it as a ‘not sure’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. This site is about engineering and should look professional.

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Clarification: Put me down as a h3ll no!

With this crowd, I think Yoda would have a better chance than Baby Yoda:

Correct your typo…it’s hell. What the feck is a spellchecker?


Mascots we need not, when avatars plenty we have.


Sheesh. It was just a Pub joke. I’ll take my adult beverage and retreat to a rear table. Not being an engineer, I shouldn’t have posted in here anyways.

My apologies.

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Don’t feel bad, it was a cute idea… maybe before its time… and baby Yoda is pretty nice. Stay… next round’s on me.


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Yeh, doug, you ain’t gotta go away…

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By the way, my “Like” was not to endorse your self-imposed ban from the main bar, but for you changing your avatar to the Yode. :laughing:

For a few minutes I thought Doug was being serious or is that delirious.

With Doug… you never know.


Let’s buy Doug another adult beverage…make it a double

No Ron! That would be akin to out of the frying pan and into the fire… :joy: