Been a Bad Day

With the Modern Steel Construction Quiz section, I usually get the answers and occasionally miss 1 or maybe 2… This edition, there were 6 questions and I missed 3… unheard of… starting out to be a bad day.


A friend of mine went into the ER last night for stomach problems, and another went to the hospital this morning for an emergency Angioplasty. Presently in the dentist’s office with my wife as she needs a root canal. Going to the hospital to visit our friend after that. Hopefully my wife will not drool on her friend.

Bummer of a start for me too.

I"m just growing older and each day is a little more difficult. The only time I was in a hospital, other than for stitches, was in June when I had cataracts removed. I don’t like doctors and/or hospitals. Until about 10 years back, I hadn’t seen a doctor for 30 years.


Bad day here too. This morning I accompanied one of my kids to the County Justice Center for a DUI hearing. It’s been really painful watching that monkey on her back grow into a 400 lb. gorilla.

My youngest son is an alcoholic, but is still functional… what I see on the horizon is not great…

I used to drink a lot when I was younger, but outgrew it… When I used to go to parties, I would start with an 8 oz tumbler of vodka, and start drinking from there. My avatar is a clear indication of my younger years.


You guys are depressing me. Maybe your afternoon will be better.

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