Best Point to Take Oil Sampling

Here is my issue:

In the plant are three generators.

  1. Two units 3606. 1730 bkW. 900 rpm
  2. One unit 3608. 2300 bkW. 900 rpm

The engine oil have centrifuges for conditioning. What is the best point to take the oil sample?


Between the oil pump and oil filter. This is especially true if you’re running absolute rated filters. I have some gearboxes that periodically start clogging filters with metal but the samples are always clean because nothing makes it past those filters. Another thing to keep in mind is that oil samples don’t catch catastrophic component failures. If you can see the particle in the oil you won’t see it in the sample result.

On a side note, oil samples are cheap and help operators comply with ISO or whatever other supervision your customers want. They are otherwise completely worthless unless you pay for upgraded tests. Coolant samples are FAR more valuable from an operator’s standpoint. Over my last 10 years I have overseen 1.5 million hours of engine operation and have never seen a lubrication related failure. Cooling system problems on the other hand…

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