Bolted Friction Clamp Design



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I am currently looking at designing a bolted friction clamp to attach a retrofitted item of controls gear to an existing subsea manifold.

I have done a literature search in the office and on the internet and discussed with colleagues the best design approach. The literature search didn’t turn up a great deal, so it appears to be a from first principles design; and the discussions seemed to confirm this as each Engineer had a different approach.


Just finished designing 30+ of these. Try:

The sections on mechanical clamps should be applicable. Part 1 design guidance, part 2 test data review.

They also have a research report on neoprene lined clamps, good for taking up some tolerance between the saddle and clamped pipe.

Hope that helps some, anything more specific feel free.

Thanks, I have come across these before but had forgotten about them. I will give them a read.