Btrueblood bit the hook

Am going to hang out here awhile, too, in case things go south over on EngTips. Sounds like many of us have the same idea. Thanks to Doug and the gang for setting this up. Off to home soon, and will pour out a homebrew for y’all. Not on the floor, that would be a waste. But into a chilled glass, for drinking.

Welcome, guy… pull up a chair and toss one back.


Why only one? Let’s get serious here!

I stand corrected…


I still have my old Pat’s Pub pint glass but now I mostly drink smoothies from it.

I think I’m getting old.

Or it’s because one can fit WAY too much whisky in that pint glass.

Either way, welcome, Btrueblood.

Well I was holding back, mostly because there is such a wealth of content at EngTips and not much here yet. But things seem to be escalating at EngTips so in with both feet! Lets turn this into something useful.

In the meantime barkeep, make mine a Bourbon straight up. As Booker Noe so eloquently put it, “A respectable amount of bourbon to pour in a glass is about two fingers worth. Lucky for me I have big fingers”.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a glass of Old Forrester… need about 4 big fingers…


Glad you could join and share the fun.


If you strand corrected, you obviously have not had enough!

I’m a ‘jolly drunk’; I don’t ever get belligerent, or become ‘an authority’.