Building Collapse in Cambodia

From CTV News:

SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia – Cambodian rescuers combing through the rubble of a collapsed seven-story building recovered the bodies of 17 construction workers and pulled out 24 injured, as authorities questioned four Chinese who were involved with the project.


Tragic. All the more reason to have a universal building code, even if not adopted by all, it would give some of the countries with fewer resources a baseline…but then they would have to enforce it as well…

and in some countries, for a fee, it can be enforced.


“Blood makes poor mortar” - Charlton Heston as Moses, 1956.

Concur… but, I think of the great wall of China or the pyramids, and I suspect there were a couple of casualties. As kids we were taught (don’t know if this is real) that for every stone in the great wall… someone had perished.