Burst Out Stress – Metallic Plate

Do any of you know of a method for calculating the stresses induced in the ligament by a fastener loaded such that it is tending to burst out through a straight-edge? I have the means to calculate the RF in the form of allowable load divided by acting load, but that’s not what I want this time.
Bruhn & Niu produce the RF I’m describing, but I’m hoping for a “strength of materials” type approach for estimating stresses in the ligament.


I’m not sure what the difference is… Bruhn calcs the allowable fastener load due to shear tear-out, to be compared with the applied. Indeed, the allowable load is “just” Fsu*As, (eqn 3, pg D1.6) where As is defined by the geometry of the hole and the edge.

Don’t see how this is an RF result?

If you want, the allowable stress is Fsu, and shear stress = P/As …

Above is a snippet.