Butler's Foundation Design & Construction Manual

I am looking for a copy of Butler’s Foundation Design & Construction Manual.
Does anyone know where I can find one?

I spent some time today looking for it online. No real luck but I did find about 3 sites that implied they had it … only had to click on a special DOWNLOAD button that looked too suspicious so I passed.

ntpe & JAE,

I have several copies of the Butler Foundation Design & Construction Manual, 2nd Ed., all in mint condition. I would be willing to sell them for $ 45.00 each and I will pay shipping to get them to you.

I worked for Butler for 10 years and now work for a Butler Builder. These are Butler published manuals not copies.


ps. can we list our email address on this forum?

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You can pm them directly.

@jimstructures fyi

Left click your avatar (the J in circle)
Left click Messages (the little envelope)
Left click New Message
Type in a username, title, private message and send.

Do you still have one of the Butler Foundation Design & Construction Manuals?
If so, can you provide your company name or the city of your company and I will hunt you on the internet.
If providing your email on this forum is acceptable and you can provide that I would like to obtain one of the manuals. I saw the last copy about 30 years ago.