Call for Structural Project Photos

I am in the process of editing the 11th edition of my book, “Principles and Practices of Commercial Construction” (Pearson Higher Education series). I want to upgrade the photos in the book of which some are as old as 40 years, maybe more. I have also convinced my publisher that we need color photos in the book, not the existing black and white. Anyone who submits a photo that we use will have to sign a permission form but will also get credited, either personally or corporately, in the book.

Any of the following subjects will be appreciated:

Retaining Walls
Concrete placement
Masonry Construction
Post-tensioned tendon placement
Pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete
Steel fabrication
Steel erection
Specialty structures (aluminum, stainless steel, odd configurations)
Masonry construction (multi-story preferred)
Timber construction
Stucco construction
Building Envelope
Roofing (Built-up, Modified Bitumen, Single ply, Shingles, tile, metal panel)

Any of these would be greatly appreciated. Please make sure that if they are digital, that they are high resolution. If print, I will need the actual print or a high resolution scan of the actual print.

Try to eliminate anything proprietary…such as names of companies represented in the photo.

Thank you for your help and I greatly appreciate anything you provide. Keep in mind the Publisher will have the final call on the use, so if you offer does not get selected, it is likely because of publishing issues, not the quality or value of the photo you provided to us as engineers. I assure you I have to bite my tongue routinely to get items in print!


PS…you can get a preview of some of the existing version of the book on Amazon if you want to get a sense of the text. It is used by 50+ colleges and universities in the US and Canada for engineering and construction management curricula and by many states for their contractor certification tests.