Cantilever screws at 1/2: stucco Gap

Does anybody have a good design example of bending of a screw at a stucco gap.
I’ve always calculated fb= v/a+ M/S
for a reduced circular section, which very rarely calculates for anything less than a 3/8" anchor.
Commonly contractors want 1/4-20 screws, any advice on how to make it work?


What’s the application? Simpson Strong-Tie does make Drywall hangers that are intended to be attached to outside of (2) layers of 5/8" sheetrock. They are installed with SDS screws. Simpson may have some allowable values they can provide for this instance.

As an aside, from a waterproofing perspective it’s generally a bad idea to screw through the stucco. The stucco really should be removed, a ledger hard mounted to the framing and proper flashing installed. Screwing through the stucco is a recipe for a leak in my opinion.

If this is for a deck installation, I personally would not allow the stucco to be between the ledger and the framing. I would require removal.

Above is a snippet.