Cantilevered Wood Diaphragm

I’m designing a flexible wood floor diaphragm with a deck. The deck will be having a cantilevered diaphragm because there is no shear wall below the cantilevered part of the deck. I would like to get some tips about how to approach to a condition like that. I was planning to use hold downs…
There are walls above sitting on the shown diaphragm but not at the cantilevered section.

Here is a rough sketch:


At only a 5 ft cantilever, I would make sure your diaphragm nailing has enough capacity to transfer the small portion of load into the shearwall and be done with it. It’s very long and narrow, I can’t see anything that jumps out at me as concerning.

Above is a snippet.

@Jayrod12, Thank you for being able to confirm their hunch on this project.

Assuming the floor joists are continuous over SW1, I have no real concerns.

The nail couples in the decking should provide adequate diaphragm action, even without plywood. The presence of plywood would be better, if it had a waterproof surface applied.