Cfd wind analysis

I am lead to believe that the eurocode will allow the use of cfd wind analysis for complex projects that are of a small nature. Does anyone know of any codes that will allow this type of analysis for wind?

OpenFoam is free, competent and widely used in automotive. However it has the learning curve of a cliff.


Greg, openfoam is the program I am using, however I am cheating a little and using a interface handler so I can still use my favourite cad programs to generate models.

So far it has been a steep learning curve and I am really starting to see the benefits.

You might be interested in Simscale:

I have not climbed very far up their CFD “cliff”.

I did however try out their structural FEA and I thought the results were useful and realistic. The interface was reasonable. Importing geometry from CAD was not an issue. I imported a model that didn’t need clean-up because Simscale doesn’t have model editing tools.

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I am currently reviewing a training seminar by simscale, I plan to model in both softwares and compare my results. So far I must admit openfoam third party handler has been really easy so I can keen to see how they stackup on technical level.

Turns out that simscale uses openfoam, and it is webbeased third party handler, who would have thought it.