Change created by name in plane or feature properties



Has anyone found a guaranteed method to change created by name in plane or feature properties?
Solidworks 2016


Re-model from scratch.

Convince someone at SolidWorks to please do it.

Other than that there is no way I know of. SolidWorks has compressed/encrypted the storage structure of the files such that data is not stored as plain text strings any longer.

Many Thanks for information
I was trying with older method but it wasn’t working.
Once Solidworks is installed on one user account its ‘plane properties> created by: username’ become permanent for all user accounts.
However ‘feature properties> created by: username’ will be changed for particular user.

Any method to change plane properties
Other than reinstalling… ?

Trying to think of a reason one might want to do this that does not involve nefarious obfuscation.

A new part/drawing/assembly in SolidWorks always starts with a template. Whenever someone first installs SolidWorks, default templates get created. Because those templates contain the default planes (and a few other features), those features will appear to have been created by the original user.

You can create individualized templates for every user (I cannot imagine a scenario in which this pursuit would not be misguided) by closing SolidWorks and moving the original templates somewhere else. When the new user starts up SolidWorks, there should be a message that SolidWorks cannot find the templates and that they will be created. New templates will be created with planes that appear to have been created by the new user.

Thank you. It worked.

@sbaugh and @handleman

Hi, can you elaborate how you did it, i searched and searched on internet and only found your post that you were able to do it, Can you please tell me again!