Cheap Refrigerator Water Filters

For years, I have ordered my refrigerator water filters from Discount Filters in lots of three. When I put the first of the last lot in the fridge, I started getting what sounded like “water hammer” when dispensing water to drink and for the ice-maker. It sounded like a mini-jackhammer.

At first, I did not connect the new lot of water filters to the noise, but eventually I did. So, I picked up a Samsung brand name filter (cha-ching!) at The Home Depot and swapped it out with the cheap filter. No more water hammer!

The multi-port valve the water goes through and gets directed to the ice-maker and dispenser needs a minimum 20 psig to operate. The cheap filters were eating up too much pressure drop and it must have fell below what the multi-port valve needed. So, now I get more water flow and no noise. Great!

I now order lots of 3 online from Samsung at a great discount compared to one at The Home Depot. Not as cheap as Discount Filter, but there’s no noise and more flow!

Just quit buying cheap refrigerators!

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