Cheating Section Views

I’m wondering if there is a method to take multiple sections views and stack them on top of one another? Also can they be constraint to one another. In the past the drawings were done in 2D SDRC I-deas drawings. In I-deas it is easy to cheat a view and over lay several sections of the a part over one another. For example the part could be a hollow shaft starting at 10 degrees it has 12 1/2" dowels equally spaced. In additional starting at 5 Degrees there are 4 holes 1.25- 8 tapped holes for lifting. The view I want to create is to capture both of these sections in the same view to save paper space. If I took two separate sections and overlay-ed them this can be done. Is there a way to constraint these views so they act as one? The view move together. In actually use I may have 4 or 5 separate sections all locked to get the one “cheated” view that was represented in the past. Thanks in advance. Also we are running NX natively.


You can stack views on top of each other in NX. It is called “overlay” in view alignment.

You can , with associativity, align views on top of each other.
NX will ask for the common point in your 3D model and aligns the views to that point.

Above is a snippet.