Chemical grout on organics

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I am working on a remediation plan (sinkhole) of a property in which the shallow soils (4 to 6 ft) are composed of organics.

As part of the remediation plan, I was going compact grouting and in the top 10 feet chemical grout. Since chemical grout doesn’t work in soils with high amount of fines (organics), do you think that by only underpinning the whole property it could be enough?, or do you know if there is any alternative to this?


I think that your grouting is not providing any structural support, the grouting is there to just “fill the voids”. Structural support is provided by underpinning of the foundations. For lateral loading, grouting to fill the voids may provide some lateral support for the underpinning elements or friction under the foundations. For the floor slab, it is good that you have a structural slab.