Circular Track System

I am trying to build a scanning system and need a circular track that has an 8 to 10 foot radius. The load on the track will be low, at most 20 lbs, and the cart system that rides on this track will be manually positioned. Does anyone here know of any company that produces circular track systems of this size? The track must be made of multiple sections as I need to fit it through a standard size doorway. The tighter the tolerance the better but I should be able to calibrate any offsets out of my measurements as long as they are repeatable.


You might get the Bishop-Wisecarver folks to custom-make you some of their v-track components of that size.

Blue Technik LLC
Virtuoso Robotics Engineering

Above is a snippet.

Relying on the track for trajectory errors will be costly.
Think instead of a skeletonized fixed radius jib crane, inverted and hung from the rafters if you prefer.

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