City of Winnipeg Sign Guidelines

@Ron This was sent to me by one of the engineers I work with:

This was my response to him:


These guys don’t know what the ■■■■ they are doing. Using ‘J’ or ‘L’ bolts is out of vogue… the headed anchor rods have nearly 3x the pull out capacity.

In addition, putting plate stiffeners onto the face of a thin wall HSS is really silly… It’s really difficult to determine the capacity… likely have to use yield line. It’s generally cheaper to go to a thicker base plate.

I wish they would leave engineering to ‘real’ engineers. I should copy the CoW on this as well as the APEGM.


I agree with dik on both counts.
a) They should replace “L” bolts with anchor rods having concentric anchors.
b) They should increase base plate as required and delete stiffener plates.

100% on both accounts. I see so many of those little wing stiffeners and I don’t believe that designers understand the implications of the welding stresses. This appears as a guideline for standard drawings so, hopefully, they are just outlining their expectations.

I’ll send the City of Winnipeg a note on “Monday” to let them know the brochure should be withdrawn or corrected.


@dik…I agree. This approach is not something a municipality should attempt to dictate.