Civil / Structural Engineering Job Satisfaction

I was employed in heavy industry - Electric Utility (Generation). The most satisfying part of the job was using engineering principals to solve the company’s most challenging technical problems. As an employee, I knew my “clients” (coworkers at all levels), and had the opportunity to have lengthy, ongoing, meaningful, two-way discussions to arrive at real solutions that made a difference. Then, actually see both the short and long term results of those solutions.

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That organization sounds like one where different groups could work together rather than compete with each other. My experience is currently different. Where I work now, I get my best jobs from outside clients even though I could do lots of good work within my own company. Unfortunately, what actually happens when I do an internal project, the accounting and management system makes it look like they did all the work and reduced their costs/hours while I put on that same amount of time in overhead costs and hours. I make my VP look bad when I do support work for another division of the company. When he points this out and explains where the balance went, he is seen as taking away from the other VP’s balance sheet.