Column Blockout at Diagonal Brace

I’m designing a a brace frame steel structure which is supported on concrete straight shaft piers. I am doing a concrete blockout detail and was wondering what is more customary at diagonal braces? Is it acceptable to bury the brace connection in the blockout or should I shift the brace connection out of the blockout and deal with the eccentricities? I’m thinking that if the brace connection is in the blockout then there would be cracking issues, but I’m not sure if the happens in practice. I’ve attached an elevation of the frame.


Common to bury it in the blockout, in my experience.

If this were an SCBF with an assumed hinge in the gusset, I would provide some compressible foam filler material around the gusset hinge region to allow it to buckle as intended by design.

Above is a snippet.