Concentrated Load on CMU wall load distribution

I have a question regarding point loads (P) applied at the top of a CMU wall with some eccentricity (e). Over what width is is typical to distribute the point load over to determine the design moment due to eccentricity for the CMU wall. I know the typical rule of four times the wall thickness (t) for concentrated load distribution but would this be appropriate to use to determine my Pe moment as well. So using this assumption my design moment would be Pe/4t to come up with a lbs/ft moment in the wall. Or would you simply just distribute it over the width of your bearing plate which seems too conservative.

Pe/4t is reasonable and conservative.

I would also consider taking out the eccentric moment into the floor structure, if there is any.

Years ago - in the 80’s I believe - PCA had a design brochure for load bearing concrete tilt-up walls with eccentric loads. You might investigate some of the logic they used there too.