Concrete Strut and Tie Software

Does anyone have a strut and tie analysis/design program to recommend for design per ACI?


Check for a program called CAST… it’s old enough it has whiskers, almost.


Thanks, dik. I knew about this one. Would have been nice if they kept it up to date.

@Macgruber22 @KootK From his postings, KootK is pretty much up with strut and tie… He may have a better handle.


The only other offering that I know of is this one: Link. It’s bloody awesome. That said:

  1. Kind of expensive unless you’re doing SnT on an almost industrial scale ($1500).

  2. Some things appear to be in Korean. A demo would probably establish where or not that would remain the case for a commercially purchased version.

On a separate note, how wonderful that you can “summon” someone to a thread like this within this system.


…and thanks for the reply.


IDEA StatiCa is awesome. I stumbled across it, used some of the demos. Pretty pricy, but it is current and quite sophisticated. It does STM stuff in the concrete module but theres also a steel module that will do some pretty slick component based FEA. Worth checking out. Also some excellent videos and resources on their websites. Quite impressive software.

Thanks for the info, and welcome to the group…