Conditional Formatting in Excel

Lets say in cell A1 I have =TODAY() to show the current date.
Down column B I have a bunch of dates like a calendar strung out in one column.
Down column C I have the days of the week.

I can get the formatting so that in Column B, whichever date matches today’s date, that cell will fill in blue.

However, I would like to conditional format column C so that the day of the week next to the blue cell in Column B will also fill in blue.

Is it possible to get a cell to format based on if a different cell matches an entirely different cell?

Example… If “B7” = “A1”, then “C7” will fill in blue.


Select ALL the DATA in columns B & C.

Open CF > New rule > Use a formula…

…and enter the formula…


Hit the Format… Button

Select the Fill TAB and select the appropriate color.

Above is a snippet.