Condo Failure

From the CBC:

The City of Surrey would not identify which condo building falls short of code due to inadequate structural designs. The engineer who worked on the tower has agreed to resign, and has been banned from working as an engineer in B.C. (

An engineer who has worked on Canadian embassies around the world has been banned from working in B.C. after an investigation found his designs for a condo tower in Surrey were not up to building code standards.

John Bryson finished his structural designs for the building in 2013. The provincial regulator launched an investigation into Bryson’s work the following year, after someone filed a complaint, and found certain aspects of Bryson’s work did not meet certain requirements of the B.C. Building Code used at the time — particularly with respect to wind and seismic design.

The building has been completed and occupied, but neither the regulator nor the City of Surrey is making public which of the city’s condo buildings is the one in question, saying only it is a “highrise residential tower.”

This is part of an eMail sent to another colleague:

Unless there are portions of the code that are affected by implementation of a particular clause, I think it would be incumbent for a professional to use the latest correct information for design. I think they’re wrong for this part of their ruling.