Confused With This Valve Symbol

I need your advice regarding the valve symbol in the attached picture. I’ve come across this valve in a project but fail to identify what it actually is. Hope someone would be able to name this valve and hopefully identify some source as well. I’m fairly sure this is not a shuttle valve.

Here is a picture (albeit a fuzzy one):



I guess I would call it a fixed flow restrictor with bi-directional excess flow check valves. The check valve would close when the deltaP across the flow restriction exceeds the check valve spring force.

Above is a snippet.

I would describe it a little differently. It is a bidirectional excess flow valve where, if the flow exceeds a certain value, the ball will close against the spring holding the valve open. The restriction allows the the pressure to equalize on both sides of the ball after another valve in the line is shut to stop all flow. Then the excess flow valve will open again, automatically.

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