Coronavirus Status

Good news.
Apparently Reyes is off the respirator.
He is home from the hospital.
He is very weak and in pain.
I guess that that is better then the alternative.

I’m pretty sure I had it in February. I didn’t know what hit me but it was brutal. After more specific symptoms were reported from diagnosed cases, I was pretty sure that I had c19. It took me down the whole month of February. I didn’t feel good until mid-March.

Weld County, Colorado has a lot of cases and we’ve been in the news lately and not for good reasons either.

It’s good to see you posting again, Pamela.

By the way, I tested negative last week.
Short road trip this weekend.
I will be meeting and picking up a friend in another health zone.
He has recently tested negative.
We will then travel to a third health zone to spend a few hours with another friend.
The third friend is older and may be more susceptible to infection, hence the testing before we see him.
We’re Canadians, eh.
Some visitors to Canada are finding out that there are fines for ignoring the COVID precautions.
From the Huff post.
" American visitors attempting to use a loophole allowing them to travel through Canada on the way to Alaska ran into the long arm of the law in Banff National Park last week. The RCMP issued seven tickets to individuals who were violating the Public Health Act during the COVID-19 pandemic."
“Six of the $1,200 tickets were issued to travellers who had stopped near Lake Louise to take long hikes in the park, the RCMP said Monday.”

So are you paying for these tests? and how difficult are they to get? I live in rural Tennessee and have never had to wear a mask once yet in public, yet I wear a full face P-100 respirator often when I work.
Today I was at an intersection and watched 10 school buses leaving the high school taking students home. The drivers were not wearing masks. I could not see many students since the windows were tinted. We have one high school with 300 students in the whole county. There have been 76 known cases of covid here and no deaths. The county population is about 8,000.

WaRoss, I don’t have antibodies for c19 but I don’t have antibodies against diphtheria either. My immune system isn’t working quite right.

How did your road trip go?

Sorry we cannot abide by the laws up there. I hope they learned a lesson or two.

The road trip and the visit were both great.
Testing in Alberta:
Step one, take an online survey.
Someone from Alberta Health will phone you.
If you don’t have any symptoms you may wait a few days for the phone call.
You will have an appointment booked for a test.
With no symptoms you may have to wait a few days more.
Cost? Fuel to drive to the testing center.
The good news, the “Up Your Nose” is gone.
They are now taking samples from the back of your throat.
On the other hand, if you have symptoms or suspected contact:
My daughter who works with the elderly reported a possible chain of contact through and to relatives of her boyfriend.
She was tested the next day and cleared and back at work about two days later.

School buses.
Starting next week.
I just got a call from the bus driver.

  1. Students will not be allowed on the bus unless wearing a mask.
    The bus driver will have a limited supply of masks, but please bring your own.
    The bus driver will be wearing a mask.
  2. First on,sit at the back.
  3. One student per seat except for siblings.
  4. Exchanging of personal items will not be allowed.
    No passing of smart phones as in; “Hey, look at this groovy picture!”

Will is at the rebellious stage and of course has been a little exposed to the “Live Free And Die” attitudes drifting north.
However, he has entered High School Rodeo, and the entry form for each rodeo must be signed by the principal.
I hope that this tunes his attitude up a little.
My feelings about youth and COVID are that I expect almost all youth to be able to recover from a bout of COVID.
While it sounds heartless, I suspect that and youth that succumbs to COVID may have a compromised system and be at elevated risk for many common afflictions.
And our school board is allowing special treatment for any students with known health issues.
What I am concerned with is the possibility of students carrying the virus to their parents, grandparents or other elderly persons.
On the one hand the average age of terminal victims is quite high.
On the other hand, while below the average age, I am not much below and I do not want to be responsible for bringing the average down.
Masks and social distancing:
I carry masks in the truck.
I often remember to wear a mask when entering a business,but not always.
We went to see our insurance agent today.
We were politely asked to wait outside as there were already three customers in the office.
It was a nice day.
We waited outside.
Most businesses have plastic shields up.
Many businesses limit the number of customers.
National business tend to be stricter.
Banks, Walmart, etc.
The last time that I visited Walmart, a very polite gentleman requested that I use hand sanitizer and offered me a mask and requested that I wear it.
I feel that the public acceptance and cooperation is quite good.
Remember that our health area is about the size of Indiana and has very few cases.
We are at the lowest hazard level.
It’s good to be a Canadian.
It’s a great country.
You have my sympathies.
There are so many good people in America, (please don’t confuse my comment with “Good people on both sides”). The intent and connotations are completely different.

You must be very sad that your once great and proud country has reached such a low that a politician can gain traction by admitting that America is no longer great.
Think about MAGA.
Again says it all.
Canada welcomed quite a few intelligent, educated and capable immigrants who were a positive addition to our culture and society.
That was during something called the “Vietnam Era”.
Maybe it will happen again.

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