Coronavirus Status

Anyone feel free on posting the status for yourselves and your area for all to see.

Facts only please. No conjecture.


FYI, the first deaths in the US were about 30 miles south of me. Already had several large group gatherings (100 or so) cancelled, one indefinitely.

None in NC . . . yet.

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6 here now, 5 of them in one rest home in Kirkland, just south of me. The other one in Snohomish, Five miles east.

I bet the mortality rate is higher than the 2% we been hearing about, in the rest home.

Went to Kingston on a site visit this morning and the contractor had to pick up his kid as the school closed. One of the students tested positive today and the school shut down. Not on the news yet…

Good luck up there, Mike. Sounds like it’s only beginning and it’s going to get worse.

2 cases at the primary school in the next town over (about 10 km away from home) - both imports from Northern Italy.

First case in NC here in Wake County. @MSQUARED48, get this. They were visiting a rest home in Washington state!

Heard that on the news earlier. So far 7 of the 9 deaths here were from that facility.

Been sheltering in place for the last few days. Dealing with a cold, not the virus.

Still okay here in NC, BUT this morning my company announced most salaries will be cut 8% from May-July, with a re-look in July (it could be longer). The rest of salaries, people on the management ladder, will be cut greater than 8%.

Anyone else taking a financial hit?

This policy was for North America. My company is French, where our overlords enjoy laws making this illegal. I bet some MBA will get a bonus for executing this cost saving policy. But I’m not bitter.

Due to an injured ankle, I’ve only been out twice since Feb 28, and one was to go to the hospital to have my cast off (last Monday). I’m still busy and my ‘office’ has changed from my desktop to my recliner with my laptop.


So far, I haven’t experienced any financial or work impacts. My work is project-based, and my company was able to transition fairly well to full remote operation. We’re still managing to keep up productivity and meet our schedule obligations. I believe our experience is not the norm from what I hear from others, though.

My family is still well. No COVID. Good news, my next paycheck and going forward will be full pay, no 8% haircut. Youngest son is preparing to go back to college on a modified Fall 2020 schedule. Bad news, still have to work from home. All our old project files, references, drawings, etc. are at the office. They are a wealth of information, and I can’t access them except through an “essential employee” on site that doesn’t know what they are looking for.

I laugh when some folks say this will be over in a few more months. They are usually the types that believe the politicians and news media, and can’t figure things out for themselves.

On 7/23/2020 for the U.S., I saw there were 1 million people who were confirmed through testing they contracted the virus in the last 15 days. And, that brought the total infected to 4 million. With an estimated population of 331 million that means this is estimated to last, at the current rate, roughly:

(331-4 million) x (15 days/1 million) x (1 year/365 days) = 13 years. The infection rate is near the capacity of our health care systems, so I’d expect this estimate to be not too low and not too high. A good rough guess!

Come on vaccines!!!

Looking back now at my post of March 7, I had the virus at the time, and it got a lot worse over the next two to three weeks. As I posted in another string, we recently tested positive for the antibodies.

Wow, even after 4 months!

Like Latexman, I do not hope for, or expect an end any time soon.
I will not be first in line for the vaccine either. Let me unpack that statement… not for the rushed vaccine. I want the * thoroughly* tested vaccine for me and my family.
I dread the risk of the flawed vaccine that desperate people would take, not understanding the risks - with results that set back medicine and public health by decades.

Historical context…

Radiolab podcast - Dispatches from 1918

My wife and I are doing OK, so far. However, our #2 son and his wife, up in LA, had the virus a couple of months ago. His case was very mild but she almost died. They’re both recovered now.

My wife’s brother has been on a respirator for two weeks in South Carolina.
He’s in his mid 60s.
Each day we are dreading a phone call.
Early on, the good news was that he had moved his hand.
The next day, he moved more of his body.
News is sparse and often goes from English to Spanish and back to English.
A few days ago almost two weeks in, Reyes was revived and spoke a few words.
He was then returned to an induced coma.
His younger brother is suffering from a milder case.
Not to wish anyone bad luck, but I think that I could take it if this were to happen to the Prime Orifice in the S hite House.

I almost went to the ER, but my son talked me out of it. Considering the effects of the probable intubation and coma, my age, and the exposure to additional pathogens in the hospital, damn glad I didn’t. :mask: