Corrosion by caustic solutions

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We follow PWHT / Ni-Alloy philosophy as per NACE SP0403 for control of caustic-SCC as a function of temperature, caustic concentration and absence of aggravating factors (vaporization…).

My question is more related to generalized aqueous corrosion of carbon steel by caustic solutions. Does anyone could provide reference for control of generalized aqueous corrosion of carbon steel in caustic service?
We are used to limit normal operating temperature below 65°C but i wonder about

  • velocity limits,
  • presence of oxygen,
  • influence of pH around 14,
  • influence of temperature,
  • influence of chloride ions concentration.


Refer to: Materials Selector for Hazardous Chemicals, MS-6, Ammonia and Caustic Soda, pub by Materials Technology Institute of the Chemical Process Industry, 2004, ISBN: 1-57698-031-6