Corrosion Protection for Sewer Wet Well

I’ve helped design an addition to an existing sanitary sewer system that has two separate sewer pumping stations. One pumping station is existing and is being refurbished with new pumps and the other pumping station is new. I am unfamiliar with the proper aspects of corrosion protection (both exterior and interior) for the wet wells and valve vaults. Here are a couple of questions:

  1. Is coal-tar epoxy acceptable for interior corrosion protection? I’ve read a some articles where the industry seems to be leaving this product behind and going forward with HDPE and PVC products.

  2. If coal-tar is acceptable, what is a standard thickness and number of coatings (Ex: 9 mils, 2 coatings)? Are there any known specific products that you would recommend (Ex: Kop-Coat)

  3. If coal-tar is not acceptable, what would be a preferable product?

Any and all suggestions would be helpful. There seems to be a lot of products out there and I’m just not that knowledgeable on which would be appropriate for my application.



above are some products that I have specified for variety of sewer manhole and pump station projects. I recommend factory applied liner/coating for new construction.

NASSCO is a good source for rehab of existing facilities:

Above is a snippet.