Crane Failure in Seattle

The winds didn’t seem inordinately high…not sure what caused this one yet…

Seattle Crane Failure-April 27, 2019

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It seems pretty tough, to me, for any of us to even begin to form meaningful ideas about the failure, opinions on cause, etc., when all we have, when all we see, is a pile of steel on the top fl. of a bldg. or on the ground. If we can get four or five eyewitness reports, which each say about the same thing, maybe we can make some amalgam out of them. If we get several videos from different angles, maybe we can see something from the sum of those. Otherwise, we’ll just have to wait for the inspectors, on site, to report some of their findings. I kinda hope this thread doesn’t turn into the, long winded, free for all that the Miami Ped. Bridge at FIU did, on E-Tips. I hope we, here at SimEnrg, do something to vet new members so we have fewer members/participants with almost no engineering background playing pretend engineer. Let them go someplace else if they want to play engineer.

dhengr…I agree. We can’t do anything remotely without additional info. Hopefully someone on the ground will come up with something reasonable soon.

Report this morning said it was being disassembled when the collapse occurred. Hopefully more info will drift in!

There was some indication that there were some pins required for erection that were missing.


I remember hearing pretty much the same thing. Makes me wonder if the dismantling effort was being rushed a bit.