Creo 3 Parametric 3D Printing

I recently started a new position at a company using Creo Parametric 3.0. I have a model the has a 15mm dia hole, the ID looks perfectly smooth on screen but 3d printed the hole ID is made-up of lots of small flat surfaces instead of being smooth. This is my first exposure to Creo Parametric I have used creo direct before and know that selecting/using facets sorts this issue out, but cannot find anything similar in creo 3 to remove the flats to create a totally round hole when printed.


Most probably you created a rough stl file. I find best initially to put “chord height” to zero and accept the default when hitting the enter key. The lowest value is applied and this depends on the accuracy of the file. If the model has lower accuracy the chord height comes small, and in turn will give a finer stl file but also larger in bytes. You have to strike a balance if the file size is huge.

Above is a snippet.