Customizing the hole wizard

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I am using SOlidworks 2013, and have a need for additional threaded hole sizes in the hole wizard. Is it possible to add new sizes, and what is the procedure please.


Always check the help… I found it in mine:

To create your own Hole Wizard standards:
1.Click Options on the Standard toolbar, or click Tools > Options.
2.On the System Options tab, click Hole Wizard/Toolbox.
3.Browse to the Hole Wizard and Toolbox folder location.

[You can select Make this folder the default search location for Toolbox components to facilitate opening models whose Toolbox components do not reference your Toolbox folder. If you clear the system option, SOLIDWORKS does not automatically search the Toolbox folder for references to Toolbox components.]

4.Click Configure.
5.In the Toolbox configuration tool, set options on the Smart Fasteners page.

[For details, see Toolbox Help.]

6.Click Save, then close Toolbox.
7.Click OK to close the System Options - Hole Wizard/Toolbox dialog box.