Declining House Prices

Over the past eight weeks, our house value has declined 5% per Zillow, and I now have to do active marketing to get in projects.

Anyone else seeing this?

Not here, not yet. Last 30 days +1.5%.


But, I hear it’s coming!

I’m still employed, so I don’t have a feel for the side hustle market.


I assume mine has gone down in price, but it is paid for. Anywhere I might ever want to move to also has gone down in price. I paid $160KCDN for it in 2005. It probably would go for around $700KCDN now. I won the lottery. Maybe young people will be able to afford houses again.

Yeah, looks that way here in AK as nearly all homes placed on market are sold forthwith, even the homes needing significant upgrades.

To build a new home, 450k minimum @ 1600sf w/ 2-car garage @800-sf.

Just an FYI, but I just received notice that my property assessment just went up 30% for next year.

Cost of living just keeps going up… everywhere you look.

Down over 11% now on Zillow…